Friday, March 20, 2009

VPS Notes

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I think I have all of my exploratory code / prototyping done at this point.

Rather than jump directly in real code tonight, I will gather some VPS hosting data for the ultimate deployment.

I am currently running EEE Cooks on a shared hosting site with Hosting Rails. I have had absolutely no problems with them and their service, but they are not going to allow me to run a CouchDB instance in their shared environment.

Hosting Rails does offer a VPS solution, so I will certainly consider them here. Along with them, I will also look at Slicehost and Linode.

Hosting Rails VM256Linode 360Slicehost 256 slice
Disk Space (GB)201210

Aside from those variables, the three options are pretty much the same. All offer Debian & Ubuntu (the only distributions that I would manage). All offer root access. All offer a dedicated IP address.

So all I have to do is decide which of these variables (if any) really matters and maybe add one or two intangibles to the list.


  1. Despite looking the worst by the four variables you've shown, I use and love slicehost. I've had a 256 slice for years, and have never had any problems (other than letting the ubuntu version get so out-of-date that there was no easy/supported upgrade path). I've several times gone to the slicehost IRC room or forums and gotten quick, helpful advice. Of course, you could use those sources even if you don't have a slice, but the strength and enthusiasm of the slicehost community makes a difference to me. Also, I don't know what sort of features the other two offer, but slicehost provides you with a nameserver, backups (not free), instant redeployment, and a virtual terminal (for if you ever screw up your networking or lock yourself out of SSH).

  2. +1 for slicehost. When you sign up, your slice is built in like 3 minutes.

  3. There certainly is a lot of love for slicehost out there. I do wonder how its recent purchase by rackspace is going to affect it. All of that love is pre-buyout. Will the love still be there next year?

  4. Chris -- If you want VPS hosting you might want to look at

    Cost is 1/2 of slice hosthost but bandwidth is ala cart at .22gb out .08gb in. Backups are free.

    They are also owned by Rackspace who owns slicehost.