Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dem Bones

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I happened to come across Jamie van Dyke's Building a Gem Using BDD article today. It seems the gods of my chain are telling me something and I must listen...

You can probably safely ignore this article, Jamie's write up is far superior...

First up, I install bones:
cstrom@jaynestown:~/repos$ gem install bones
Keep rattlin' dem bones!
Successfully installed bones-2.5.1
1 gem installed
Then I create my gem template:
cstrom@jaynestown:~/repos$ bones create couch_design_docs
Created 'couch_design_docs'
Now you need to fix these files
(in /home/cstrom/repos/couch_design_docs)
* [ 2] [FIXME] (your name)
* [ 3] [FIXME] (url)
* [ 7] [FIXME] (describe your package)
* [ 11] [FIXME] (list of features or problems)
* [ 15] [FIXME] (code sample of usage)
* [ 19] [FIXME] (list of requirements)
* [ 23] [FIXME] (sudo gem install, anything else)
* [ 29] [FIXME] (different license?)

* [ 22] [FIXME] (who is writing this software)'
* [ 23] [FIXME] (your e-mail)'
* [ 24] [FIXME] (project homepage)'
After fixing as many of those FIXMEs as possible, I move onto implementation. First up is directory parsing. In order to directory parse, the CouchDesignDocs::Directory object is going to need a valid directory. After creating a fixture directory, I begin driving development with spec/couch_design_docs_spec.rb:
require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), %w[spec_helper])

describe Directory do
it "should require a root directory for instantiation" do
lambda { }.
should raise_error

lambda {"foo") }.
should raise_error

lambda {"fixtures")}.
should_not raise_error
Note: I added include CouchDesignDocs to spec/spec_helper.rb so that I could access Directory without the CouchDesignDocs:: namespace.

I implement that code with:
module CouchDesignDocs
class Directory
attr_accessor :couch_view_dir
def initialize(path) # Just checkin'
@couch_view_dir = path
The call is made only to raise an exception for invalid paths. It is a quick, cheap way to get the code to behave as desired. Next I create a "valid directory" context and drive the file path expansion needed to build the CouchDB design document JSON structure:
  context "a valid directory" do
before(:each) do
@it ="fixtures")
it "should list dirs, basename and contents of a file" do
should == ['a', 'b', 'c', "function(doc) { return true; }\n"]
After creating the fixtures/a/b/ directory and populating it with a very simple javascript function, I make the example pass with this code:
    def expand_file(filename)
gsub(/#{couch_view_dir}\/?/, '').
split(/\//) +
File.basename(filename, '.js'),
That will do for a stopping point tonight, I will continue with dem bones gem development tomorrow.


  1. I love bones. So much better organized than some of the other gem-starter tools. One of the side benefits of spending time in Boulder was having the opportunity to meet its creator, Tim Pease. Nice guy.

  2. Definitely digging it so far. I have not done enough other gems - at least not with enough regularity -- to get a good feel for them. Still, it was _much_ easier to jump into my normal BDD workflow with bones than when I got started with other starter kits.

    I'll have to give you beer money so you can thank Tim for me. Sounds like a lot of cool things are going on in Co. nowadays!