Sunday, October 4, 2009

Two More Features Deployed

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I have two new features to deploy to the beta site tonight: a poor man's CMS, which I am using for an "about us" page, and an ingredients index page. I have already smoke tested the about us page, so tonight it is time for the ingredients:

Ew. Not such a good start. That's not a 404—that is a RestClient resource not found. Specifically, the by-ingredients CouchDB view has not been uploaded to the development database. For that, I use a rake task wrapped around couch_docs:
jaynestown% rake couchdb:load_design_docs
(in /home/cstrom/repos/eee-code)
With that, I have the ingredient index page:

A little bit of less CSS:
#index-of-ingredients {
td {
vertical-align: top;
.ingredient {
font-weight: bold;
p {
And I have a decent looking ingredient index:

Last up, I add the new resources to the footer of the site:
%a{:href => '/'}= "Home"
%a{:href => '/feedback'}= "Contact"
%a{:href => '/recipes/search?q='}= "Recipe List"
%a{:href => '/ingredients'}= "Ingredient Index"
%a{:href => '/about'}= "About This Site"
With that, I redeploy:
jaynestown% rake vlad:stop_app                                         
jaynestown% rake vlad:update vlad:migrate vlad:start_app
I do not have quite every feature from the legacy site complete, but I am done enough. Tomorrow, I will point DNS to the new site, officially putting the site on Sinatra / CouchDB.

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