Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Chain #2

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After a brief hiatus, it is time to resurrect my chain. My first chain focused on moving my family's cooking blog ( over to CouchDB (running on Sinatra).

My second chain will focus on being able to create and update recipes. I want to be able to simply create / update recipes (I can already do so though CouchDB's Futon interface), but I also want to make it easy for the rest of my family to perform updates. I hope this affords the opportunity to experiment with a Javascript testing framework or two, but my first chain had a life of its own. Who knows where this one will end up?

But first... I will upgrade to CouchDB 0.10 and Sinatra 1.0. I expect the latter to be relatively trivial, but the CouchDB upgrade to take some time—I was a bit lazy with my map-reduces, which I could get away with in 0.9. I also expect to return to using couchdb-lucene proper rather than my fork of it.

As with my first chain, my main focus will be on learning and improving my craft. In this chain incarnation, I will introduce iteration retrospectives to be performed every Tuesday. I found myself losing focus every now and again last time. Hopefully, the retrospectives will cure this. They should also allow me to better run / attend B'more on Rails functions.

Wish me luck!

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