Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Always use getBBox() for Raphaël Coordinates

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Up today, I would like to get the onAnimation callback in my (fab) game working with my raphael-animate-frames plugin.

The onAnimation callback is standard raphaël.js that is called after every step of an animation. The animation in my (fab) game does quite a bit. The first thing is move a label (the player's name) along with the player:
console.debug("x: " + avatar.attr("cx") + ", y: " + avatar.attr("cy"));
self.label.attr({x: avatar.attr("cx"), y: avatar.attr("cy") + Player.shadow_distance});

// more animation code...
Unfortunately, that does not work (nor does any of the rest of the animation code). The debug code in there tells me that the x-y coordinates are undefined even though the correct function is being called:
x: undefined, y: undefined
function () {
// delegate to last object in first frame
var obj = this.list[0][this.list[0].length-1];
return obj.attr.apply(obj, arguments);
Dang. It would seem that pulling the attr() values off of SVG is not as consistent as I would like. Fortunately, the getBBox() method is available and seems quite a bit more reliable.

If there is one thing that is slowly dawning on me as I do more and more raphaël work, it is that getBBox() is what I need when I want location information. The values that attr() is supposed to have (cx, c, rx, etc) are very much hit-or-miss. I suspect that these are only available if explicitly set when drawing, but that is an investigation for another day. For now, I replace every instance of attr() with a corresponding getBBox() call:
self.label.attr({x: avatar.getBBox().x, y: avatar.getBBox().y + Player.shadow_distance});

// more animation code...
One last thing before stopping for the night is that the x-y coordinates from getBBox() are the top-left coordinates. The reason that I had been using cx-cy before was because I wanted the center coordinates for the object.

For that, I add a method, getCenter() to my raphael plugin:
    getCenter: function() {
var bounding_box = this.getBBox();
return {
x: Math.floor(bounding_box.width/2) + bounding_box.x,
y: Math.floor(bounding_box.height/2) + bounding_box.y
Now I can get more accurate placement in my animations with:
self.label.attr({x: avatar.getCenter().x, y: avatar.getCenter().y + Player.shadow_distance});

// more animation code...
I got in trouble adding non-standard methods to my raphaël plugin last night, so I will sleep on the getCenter() method name and implementation before committing it to raphael-svg-frames. Then it will be time to move onto collision detection.

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  1. It took me a while to find out about the goodness of getBBox too...I like your very instructive blogging style, keep up with the good work!

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