Monday, April 25, 2011

My Chain #3

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It's time for a new chain.

Looking back, I think I enjoyed my first chain a bit more than the second. I got a bit side-tracked on the second one. Although I had a good time and learned a ton, I think I missed the drive and focus that can only come from a finish line.

So, for this, my third chain, I am going to mix things up again. This time around, I will produce an e-book in 3 months time. My initial plan:
  • May 31—alpha version, available to limited, interested readers
  • Jun 30—beta version, available for order
  • Jul 31—final version
In a nutshell, I want to use my chain (blog post every night until I am done) to go from novitiate to subject matter expert—in 3 months.

Possible? I honestly do not know. But where's the fun in setting SMART goals? I love me some BHAGs.

Oh yeah, the subject of the book: SPDY.

Follow along!

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