Thursday, April 12, 2012

SPDY Revisited

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For the month of April, I am revisiting SPDY Book, with the ultimate goal of releasing edition 1.1 on April 30. My goals for the next few weeks include:
  • add a chapter on flow control in SPDY
  • update express-spdy for unstable node.js (0.7, which is soon to be 0.8)
  • get SPDY push back into node-spdy
  • refresh other content in SPDY Book as needed
If you have suggestions as to what else might need to be addressed, now's the time: add suggestions to the public tracker.

Existing readers will receive updates for no additional charge.

And then... my next book!


  1. Will it include any notes about the current, albeit not fully functional, Ruby implementations?

    1. Only if, by some miracle, pull request #196 gets merged into eventmachine :-\

    2. That would be awesome, but doesn't seem that that's going to happen any time soon :(