Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gladius Avatar 2.0 is a Bit Buggy

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Up tonight, I continue building my Gladius avatar.

First up, I rotate the body's cone 180° to make it more body-like and less ice-cream cone like:
        space.add(new engine.Entity("body",
            new engine.core.Transform([0, 0, 0], [0, 0, Math.PI]),
            new cubicvr.Model(resources.cone_mesh, resources.red_material)
After reloading, I get:
Uncaught Error: already completed   gladius-cubicvr.js:701
alreadyCompleted                    gladius-cubicvr.js:701
reject                              gladius-cubicvr.js:656
run                                 gladius-cubicvr.js:1279
simulationLoop                      gladius-core.js:5059
_run                                gladius-core.js:2399
I revert my change... and get the same thing. I fall back to debugger statements and console.log() statements and... nothing.

Eventually, I try the other simulations that have not changed and they are broken as well. My first thought is that I have mucked up one of the Gladius library files, but source code control disagrees. No files have changed other than my avatar files.

In the end, I remember that I updated Chrome (dev channel) today. And that turns out to be the simple explanation because in Firefox the avatar is now less ice-cream cone-like:

I think I'll add arms and feet next but first I do believe that I need to file a bug report.

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