Saturday, September 1, 2012

Timing Three.js Games

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Up tonight, I hope to build on the "Game Over" text that I added my Three.js / Physijs game yesterday.

I start by generalizing slightly so that initializing my scoreboard, initializes an absolutely positioned <div> with an ID by which I refer it later:
function initScoreBoard() {
  var text = document.createElement('div'); = 'scoreboard'; = 'absolute'; = 'white'; = "5px"; = "0px 20px"; = "50px"; = "75px"; = "100px";

    'j / k to turn; space to move' +
    '<br/>' +
    'Press space to start'
At the very end of that function, I invoke writeScoreBoard(), which does the job of overwriting the innerHTML of the scoreboard <div>, but in a reusable way:
function writeScoreBoard(message) {
  var text = document.getElementById('scoreboard');
  text.innerHTML = message;
With that out of the way, I modify the start of the game to store the start time and to start a timer:
var start;
function startGame() {
  start = new Date();
The runTimer() gets called recursively until the game is over, continuously updating the time on the scoreboard:
function runTimer() {
  if (game_over) return;

  var now = new Date()
    , diff = now.getTime() - start.getTime()
    , seconds = diff / 1000;
  setTimeout(runTimer, 500);
And that seems to work fairly well:

Last up, I need to stop the game when the raft reaches the end point. For that, I add a ray to the raft pointing straight down. I continuously check to see what it intersects and, once it hits the lake at the bottom, the game is over with the final score:
function checkForWin() {
  var ray = new THREE.Ray(
    new THREE.Vector3(0, -1, 0)

  var intersects = ray.intersectObject(lake);
  if (!intersects[0]) return;

  game_over = true;

  var time = writeTime();

    '<h1>Win!</h1>' +
    '<p>You won it in' +
      '<br>' +
    time + ' seconds. Yay!</p>'
And, indeed that does the trick:

I still hope to shrink the game—both in size and complexity. But I think this more or less completes it for Gaming JavaScript.

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    1. You play it in your browser. But the only way to get it is to buy the book and build the game yourself :D

      If you're interested, the book is available at here: (and just about every bookseller as well).