Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Chain: Patterns in Polymer

It's been a while since I started one of these...


  • Patterns in Polymer
  • Writing my next book on the Polymer Project.
  • Pre-alpha is already on sale
  • Web components
  • Looking for real world usage scenarios and patterns
  • JavaScript and Dart editions of the book.
  • Follow along daily in this blog


What can I say? I love new technology!

I am keenly interested in Polymer and web components as the building blocks for the next generation of applications. I am fascinated with the Polymer project in particular to see where it fits in with other frameworks and libraries and to see what is possible today. And, of course, I am most excited that it already comes in JavaScript and Dart flavors.

Speaking of the two languages, why would I write two books at the same time? Mostly, because I think that I can gain a deeper understanding of the project and web components by doing it that way. And make no mistake, these will be two books. I will endeavor to keep as much in common as possible, but the two will use different code examples and will have different text where appropriate.

As far as I know, nothing like this has ever been attempted before. Which is also what makes this fun!

Join me as I blog about this every day for 3+ months straight. On December 15, an alpha version of the book will be available. On January 15, the beta will arrive. The first edition will be available February 15.

But it's already on sale before a single Pattern is written. Want in on the action? Sidle on over to Patterns in Polymer and purchase pre-alpha access!

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  1. As soon as I saw "tl;dr;" --> Don't bother reading anything he ha to say.