Thursday, August 25, 2011

Backbone.js Chain

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I loved doing my SPDY chain / book. I loved it so much that I am doing it again!

This time, I am learning Backbone.js, the awesome little client-side Javascript framework for building interactive applications. My goal is to again produce a book. The timeline for Recipes with Backbone:
  • Sep 30—alpha version (available on the cheap)
  • Oct 31—beta version
  • Nov 30—final version
But wait! That's not all! This time around I am teaming up with the incomparable Nick Gauthier, who has been doing incredible things with Backbone.js for many a month over at Shortmail.

My chains have always been about improving my craft and maximizing my learning. In my original chain, I accomplished this by blogging every day. The idea being that I need to learn something every day well enough to write about it. Some days work better than others, but the overall investment was crazy worth it.

For my SPDY chain, I decided to take the learning and kick it up a notch. In addition to the daily blogging, I also committed to producing the best book about the SPDY protocol that I possibly could. How better to learn a thing than work my ass off to produce the best book on said thing? I am quite proud of the end result. The SPDY Book is a strong tome on the subject. You should totally buy it from me or from The Pragmatic Bookshelf who are also distributing it.

This time around, I am kicking it up yet one more notch by working with Nick. I learned a ton blogging every day. I increased my learning tenfold writing a book. What will happen when I blog every day, write a book, and co-author a book with a super talented subject matter expert? Could it be a learning singularity? Maybe.

Stick around to find out…

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