Saturday, June 7, 2014

Snap.svg and Polymer

Ew. SVG coding is awful in JavaScript. The videos that I am preparing for “Extras” readers of Patterns in Polymer will include some SVG coding. I will focus on the Polymer coding, of course, but SVG coding will be there and I would like to make it as palatable as possible.

Not that it's great in Dart, but built-in Dart language features like method cascades plus actual constructors make it decent:
  _svgImage(basename) {
    var svg = new GElement()
          new CircleElement()
            ..setAttribute('r', '15')
            ..setAttribute('cx', '15')
            ..setAttribute('cy', '15')
            ..setAttribute('style', 'opacity:0')
      ..append(new SvgElement.svg(svgContent['$basename.svg']));
    // ...
That adds a circle element (for mouse events) and an SVG asset to an SVG <g> tag to be added to the pizza building <x-pizza> custom element:

JavaScript lacks constructors (as far as I can tell) and certainly doesn't have method cascades. So the equivalent JavaScript code wound up looking like:
  _svgSausage: function() {
    var ns = "";
    var group = document.createElementNS(ns, "g");

    group.innerHTML = this.svgContent['sausage.svg'];
    var svg = group.querySelector('svg');

    var mouseCircle = document.createElementNS(ns, "circle");
    mouseCircle.setAttribute('r', '15');
    mouseCircle.setAttribute('cx', '15');
    mouseCircle.setAttribute('cy', '15');
    mouseCircle.setAttribute('style', 'opacity:0');
    // ...
Instead of constructing objects, I create elements. Instead of method cascades, I repeat the same object / method on line after line. This is not pleasing.

So tonight, I do what all JavaScript programmers do when faced with ugliness—try out a library that someone has created to eliminate some of the sting. In this case, I try Snap. I start with a Bower install:
➜  js git:(master) bower install -S snap.svg
bower snap.svg#*                                 download
bower snap.svg#*                                 resolved git://
bower snap.svg#~0.3.0                             install snap.svg#0.3.0
snap.svg#0.3.0 bower_components/snap.svg
The chapter on external libraries in Patterns in Polymer still applies so I add this to the HTML definition of <x-pizza>:
<link rel="import"
<link rel="import"
<script src="../bower_components/snap.svg/dist/snap.svg.js"></script>
<polymer-element name="x-pizza">
    <!-- ... -->
  <script src="x_pizza.js"></script>
I am already loading SVG via <core-ajax> tags, so I probably will not make use of Snap's SVG loading ability (at least for now). Instead, I want to take an already loaded SVG string and have Snap generate the SVG DOM, which is what Snap.fragement() does. I replace some innerHTML ugliness above:
    // ...
    group.innerHTML = this.svgContent['sausage.svg'];
    var svg = group.querySelector('svg');
    // ...
The equivalent in Snap is:
    // ...
    var f = Snap.fragment(this.svgContent['sausage.svg']);
    var svg = f.node.firstElementChild;
    // ...
I have exchange 2 lines of code for 3, which is going in the wrong direction, but I am also working against the Snap.svg rails here. I should not be reaching down for the node property. Hopefully I can switch off of that in a bit, but this lets me verify that things are still working—and they are:

In the end, I am able to work with Snap to reduce the earlier mess to:
  _svgSausage: function() {
    var s = Snap(0,0);
    var group =;

    var f = Snap.fragment(this.svgContent['sausage.svg']);
    var svg ='svg');

    var mouseCircle =, 15, 15);
    mouseCircle.attr({style: 'opacity:0'});
    // ...
That is a big improvement. The attr() setter / getter method is almost worth the trouble alone. And really, this wasn't too much trouble considering that I am still a bit off the rails with the whole Snap.fragment() thing.

I think that I might be able to get this in even better shape if I switch the entire library over to Snap. So far, I am only messing around with the pizza toppings in <x-pizza>. If I move everything—crust, sauce, cheese, etc—into Snap, I think I might realize a big improvement. Worth a follow-up tomorrow.

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