Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Base Debian Install on VirtualBox

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I am determined to try out CouchDB 0.11. Since I don't want to muck with the nice dev environment that I have going I will install that onto a VM. So I fire up VirtualBox and create a new VM:

I accept the default options for memory and disk and am ready to boot for the first time. VirtualBox recognizes that this is the first time that this particular image has been booted, so it starts up the first run wizard:

I typically run Debian on my servers because the base install is much more base than others. I do this so that nothing is listening on any network interfaces besides that which I explicitly configure. So, I choose a debian net install ISO that I have downloaded onto my host system:

Booting that up, I get the start screen:

I accept defaults for most of the install including: language, country, keyboard layout, host, network, timezone, disk partitioning disks (Guided / use whole disk) and location of apt-get repositories. The only significant deviation that I make in this process is to deselect "Desktop environment" from the Software Selection screen at the very end.

The actual download process ends up taking too much time (especially since I was concurrently submitting RailsConf proposals), so I go no further tonight. With a base system ready, I will pick up tomorrow with installing CouchDB 0.11 and exploring some of the new features.

Update: I also install ssh, sudo (giving my normal user admin privileges), and vim.

Day #45

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